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CPT Innovations

CapPlus Technologies has pioneered many innovations in softgel production. Below are some examples
of our continued efforts to advance the capabilities of our softgel equipment:

ARC™ Automatic Ribbon Control (more information)
• Automatically controls gel ribbon thickness
• Reduces gelatin loss and set up time by 84%
• Extends die roll life
AGF™ Automated Gel Feeder (more information)
• Ensures consistent gelatin supply
Independent Clutched Fill Material Pump Drive
• Allows fill pump to be stopped and started without affecting gel flow or machine timing
Radically Improved Wedge Design
• More effective softgel sealing at higher speeds
• Superior heat control
Improved Spreader Box
• Superior heat control
• Swing out feature
• Lightweight
Improved Cooling System
• Never requires additional water
• Superior cooling
• Internal design
Simplified Timing Verification
• Requires only one person
• Independently lit and magnified

Remote Troubleshooting Via Internet
• Capable of online connection to CapPlus technicians
Continuous Tumble Drying
• High velocity blowers
• Extra large baskets
Insight 100™ Automatic Inspection System (more information)
• Up to 100,000 softgels/hour
• Self adjusting sensors
• Significantly increased accuracy from other inspection methods
• CFR 21 Part 11 and cGMP compliant
• No tooling for changeover
ISMA - Instant Softgel Moisture Analyzer (more information)
• Hand held for ease of use on production floor
• Results within 5 seconds
• Simplifies setting drying controls
CPT SG500 Automatic Softgel Polisher (more information)
• Feeds softgels directly from dryers
• Fast enough to keep up with any encapsulation machine
• Continuous and intermittent flow controls
• Electronic timers capable of multiple settings