Softgel FAQ

How are softgels made?

A softgel is commonly used as an oral dosage form for medicine or supplements similar to capsules. It’s also the same process used to make paintballs. Softgels consist of a gelatin shell surrounding a liquid or paste fill. The softgel shell is a combination of gelatin, water, opacifier and a plasticiser such as glycerin or sorbitol.

Softgels are produced in a process known as encapsulation using a rotary die encapsulation process. Two flat ribbons of gelatin are brought together on a twin set of rotating dies. The dies contain recesses manufactured to a specific size and shape (oval, oblong, etc) which cut out a two-dimensional shape in the gelatin ribbon and form a seal where the two sides meet. As the die begins to cut out the shape in the gelatin ribbon a precise dose of fill material is injected causing the two flat ribbons to expand into the die pockets. After which the dies rotate and seal the fill in the gelatin form.

How much does it cost to make softgels?

Depending on how many softgels you want to make determines the size and speed of the softgel encapsulator you will need. This setup can range from just under $200,000 to over $1M. We have a system to suit every need – from start-up, to R&D, to high volume production.

What equipment do I need?

To make softgels you will need a softgel encapsulator, tooling (rotating dies in the sizes and shapes you need), a gel melting system, gel melting tank(s), fill transfer tank(s), chiller, and tumble dryers. The CPT 4” softgel system comes complete with everything you need to get started making softgels, smaller batches, and R&D. You may also need options and auxiliary equipment such as color mixing systems, drying trays and dollies, drying tunnels, stone mill, vacuum homogenizer, visual inspection, sorting, and polishing machines, etc.

Are softgels easy to make?

CapPlus can provide complete installation and training. If you’re a first timer starting up a nutraceutical line or paintball business our 25 years of experience can help you with everything you need to become familiar and confident in the softgel making process. If you’re an experienced softgel manufacturer you can be rest assured that we have seen it all and can confidently help guide and direct your complete softgel setup.

What is the most popular softgel encapsulator for first timers?

Our most popular softgel encapsulator for start-up softgel manufacturers in the 4” softgel complete setup. This economical solution comes complete with a 4” softgel encapsulator, gel melting/transfer tank, fill transfer tank, chiller, and 2 tumble dryers. This complete system will let you make softgels from start to finish. Depending on the humidity of your production location drying times will vary and you may need to enhance your drying with additional tumble dryers, drying tunnels, humidity controls, etc.

Where do I get the ingredients?

Upon purchase of a softgel encapsulation system we can provide you with softgel material providers.

How do I make Vgels?

CapPlus provides softgel encapsulation equipment specifically designed for Vgel formulations. We can also connect you to a newly available Vgel formula that is less expensive and requires no contract. The combination of these two solutions will help you easily and economically make Vgels.

Can I get financing?

Yes. We offer financing through a partner.

Does CapPlus have experience with other softgel manufacturers?

We have 25 years of experience in helping softgel clients to be successful. From startup to large manufacturers. From pharmaceutical, to nutraceutical, to paintball. From independent brands to contract manufacturers. We’d love to provide you with the products and services that can help your company be successful as well.

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