R3 Softgel Machine

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  • Item R3 Softgel Machine
  • Category Softgel
  • Manufacturer CPT
  • Model R3 Softgel Machine


The R-3 is designed to run at maximum die roll rotation speed of 10RPM. In a production setting it is capable of producing up to 178,600 (10 oval) pieces per hour at 8RPM. Companies interested in making better softgel capsules and more of them, should concern themselves with subtle differences in the competitive machines on the market. It is the subtle differences that will provide manufacturing advantages of speed and quality. If making more softgels was as simple as making the die rolls turn faster, all of the competitive machines would run faster than 2-4 RPM, and they do not. Making more, better softgels is not as simple as just making the die rolls turn faster.

To make a softgel machine run faster without giving up quality, several things have to change. The fill pump has to be more efficient. Our R-3 machine has pump pistons which are larger in diameter. In addition there are 20 of them which means that as the die rolls turn faster, they can effortlessly provide the fill volume for the increased softgel output.


  • Maximum Operating Speeds up to 10 RPM
  • Machine Dimension: W 2100 x D 1090 x H2080 (mm)
  • Estimated Weight: Net 2250 Kgs
  • Total Power Requirement: Max. 26.5Kw with Tumble Dryers
  • SS41 Mild Steel Frame Work
  • #304 Stainless Steel Exterior
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