R1 Softgel Encapsulation Machine

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  • Item R1 Softgel Encapsulation Machine
  • Category Softgel
  • Manufacturer CPT
  • Model R1 Softgel Encapsulation Machine
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New R1 7.25 " Softgel encapsulation system Maximum operating speeds up to 5 RPM All R Series have remote access ethernet connection for technical support High speed medicine injection pump Die rolls 7.25" x 4" Teflon coated brass medicine injection wedge Aluminum construction spreader boxes Chilling / Casting drums Lubrication system Capsule discharge and conveying system Tumble dryer system.

Since Vgel is more viscous than standard animal gelatin, Vgel gelatin encapsulation machines are designed to support higher temperatures during production

Please contact us for more information to meet your specific needs.

Auxiliary Equipment

4-200 liter gel transfer tanks 2-200 Liter medicine transfer tanks 400 liter gel melting and preparation system Color mixing system Capsule drying trays Capsule drying dollies Capsule pulverizer Visual inspection machine Capsule diameter sorting machine Automatic polishing machine Spare parts package


Standard and Vgel options available.

  • Maximum Operating Speeds up to 5 RPM
  • Machine Dimension: L 1700 X D800 X H1150(mm)
  • Est. Weight: Net 1500 Kgs
  • Total Power Requirement: Max. 13Kw
  • SS41 Mild Steel Frame Work
  • #304 Stainless Steel Exterior Coversz
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