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22505 N. 18th Dr.
Phoenix, AZ 85027
PH: 623-582-2800
Fax: 623-582-4099
  CPT CC-60 Channel Tablet Counter

12 Track Counting System. Counts up to 6,000 Tablets per Minute.
  CPT CC-120 Channel Tablet Counter

tablet counter
24 Track Counting System. Counts up to 12,000 Tablets per Minute
  CS1 Cotton Inserter

cotton inserter      
CS1 Fully automatic cotton insertion machine. Inserts 2" to 9" lengths of cotton into bottle at speeds from 60 to 90 per minute
  CS2 Cotton Inserter

cotton inserter
Rated at 60 to 90 pieces per minute. Produces cotton lengths from 2 to 9 inches in length.
  PS1 Dessicant Inserter

dessicant inserter

Rated at 120 bottles per minute. Automatically cuts continuous strip packets into individual packets.
  KSYS Bottom Coder

New Bottom Coder Transfer Conveyor. Conveying speeds of 0 Ft./Min to 100 Ft. / Min.
  Accumulation Tables

Infeed and Accumulation Tables. Power Turns. All Stainless Steel Body Construction
  M5 / M6 Entry Level Neck Bander

neck bander       
Speeds up to 100 units per minute M5 series size range from 25 mm to 90 mm LF. M6 series size range from 25 mm to 122 mm LF
  Capper SK6000/18

Rated at up to 80 bottles per minute with 33mm spin on caps. Feeds left to right. Six spindles
  Pillar Induction Sealer

Rated at 6 containers per minute of cap size 110mm
  CVC 100 Labeler

Rated at 105' of label per minute. Die Cast Labeling Heads. Label and Product Sensors
  CVC 300 Labeler

Wrap Around Pressure Sensitive Labeling System. 6' Conveyor with Guide Rails and 4" Wide Belting
  CVC 302c Hawk Labeler

Wrap Around Pressure Sensitive Labeling System. 6' Conveyor with Guide Rails and 4" Wide Conveyor.
  CVC 400 Labeler

Front / Back Pressure Sensitive Labeling System 7' Conveyor with Guide Rails and 3 3/8" Wide Belting. Rated at 75' of label per minute
  Techceuticals Inline Capper

Techceuticals Inline Screw Capper, inline MK VI Standard Capping Machine, fully automatic. Quick, simple changeovers.
  Mini Bottle Unscrambler

Handles various shapes and sizes of containers, will handle up to 1,000 cc bottles at up to 200 bpm.
  Label SQRT Table Top Labeler

The SQRT system is fully programmable with memory to store specifications for hundreds of label and bottle specifications.
  CVC 310c Labeler

Gallon wrap around pressure sensitive labeling system. 8' conveyor, 5" wide belting.
  CVC 450 Labeler

Front / Back Pressure Sensitive Labeling System SelfSet System. Angle Adjustment of Labeling Head (optional)
  Dietz Tablet Counter

tablet counter
TC4 Tablet counter. Designed to quickly and accurately count tablets, capsules and all human oral dose applications.
  Label Zip Table Top Labeler

Label Zip is a semi-automatic tabletop labeler capable of applying pressure sensintive single labels.

  CVC 350 Labeler

Ampul Pressure Sensitive Labeling System. All the features of the CVC 310C. 5.5' Conveyor with 2.75" Wide Roller Chain w/20mm rollers
  CPT Conveyors

All Stainless Steel Body Construction. Variable Speed Controlled Conveyor
  SureKap Semi-Automatic Bottle Filler

bottle filler
SureKap SKF1000SA Semi-automatic Piston Filler, 3.2oz to 32oz Fill Volume.
  Label Maid Table Top Labeler

Sturdy mechanics and an economical way to perfectly apply labels for businesses needing labeling at smaller quantities.

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