• Inventory # New
  • Item RC60
  • Category Bottle & Counting
  • Manufacturer CPT
  • Model RC60 (1, 3, & 4 drop options)


"To increase output and conserve valuable floor space, CapPlus Channel Counters turn the counter head 90 degrees so it runs parallel to the packaging conveyor. In addition to this the channels have been raised and a wide conveyor belt installed underneath. These physical changes allow for multiple lanes of bottles to be staged and filled simultaneously. The innovative DIVY™ Bottle Handling System at the rear of the machine insures that all bottle lanes remain full of empty bottles for continuous feeding. Customers can order machines with various numbers of channels and product drop funnels to suite their production needs.

Key Benefits


  • By using the normally 'un-used' space below the product feed assembly to stage and fill bottles, Rapid™ Channel Counters offer the greatest 'output per square foot of floor space' Vs. any other channel counter.

DIVY™ Bottle Handling System

  • The multi-lane, multi-drop versions of the Rapid™ Channel Counter employ a patented empty container control system to insure that incoming containers find a lane with the least number of bottles waiting to be filled. Acting like a traffic policeman for empty containers, the DIVY™ Bottle Handling System senses the collective container density in each lane and sends more containers to the lanes requiring more. This insures that there will always be a supply of empty containers to be filled, thereby maximizing the machine's filled container output. A camera is provided for operation monitoring.

Sensor Protection

  • Rapid™ Channel Counters utilize a patented, positive pressure, dust blocking system which allows optical sensors to function accurately even when running extremely dusty products.
  • A 'vertical' dust removal system helps to keep the operation environment clean.


  • Easy disassembly and assembly with minimal tools for cleaning.

Counting Accuracy

  • Modular cell design of sensors means individual sensors can be replaced instead of needing to replace the entire board. Each modular optical cell contains 12 sensors which guarantees count accuracy.


  • ""No Container"" and ""Bottle Back-Up"" sensors prevent product waste and production delays.
  • Motorized Filling Head Lift controlled by the touch screen allows for easy adjustment to accommodate different container sizes.
  • Machine automatically conducts 'self diagnosis' and reports errors found to the touch screen.
  • All control elements are integrated on a Windows based 15"" wide Active Matrix Touch Panel. "


  • "Number of Tracks: 12
  • Number of Sensors per Channel: Single Array
  • Number of Feeding Trays: 3
  • Number of Funnels: 1
  • Output (Tablets Per Minute): Maximum 6,000
  • Maximum Tablet/Capsule/Softgel Length: 25mm
  • Minimum Tablet/Capsule/Softgel Length: 2mm
  • Maximum Container Height: 45 to 200mm Maximum Container Diameter: 25 to 100mm
  • Conveyor Length: 3,000mm for Triple Lane
  • Weight of Machine: 750Kg Machine Dimensions: 2,300W x 1990H x 1000D
  • Air Requirements: 6 to 7 kg/cm2
  • Air Consumption 120L/min
  • Estimated Crated Weight: 1,400lbs
  • Electrical 220v/1ph/60hz
  • Power Rating 1.5kw "
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