Continuous Tumple Drying

  • Inventory # New
  • Item Continuous Tumple Drying
  • Category Softgel
  • Manufacturer CPT
  • Model CPT TD-300 System


CPT TD3DD system is rated at up to 60,000 capsules per hour for a #22 Oblong Softgel. This system includes:

  • 26 Basket Double Decker Continuous Drying System
  • Sliding Front Acrylic Enclosures
  • Estimated 15 Hour Drying Time Based on Controlled Temperature and Humidity
  • Standalone System
  • FDA Approved Product Contact Parts
  • Portable Sections of Four Baskets
  • Automatic Capsule Transfer
  • High Volume Blowers
  • Transport Cart
  • 10" Color Touch Screen Controls with an Emergency Stop


Standard and Vgel options available.

  • Dimensions: L14,200 x D1,100 x H2,500mm
  • Electrical: 220 or 380v/ 60hz / 3ph
  • Drive Motors - 19.5kW
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