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  CPT 200 Capsule Polisher

capsule polisher          CPT 200 Sell Sheet
FDA Approved Nylon Brush. All Stainless Steel Contact Parts. Stainless Steel Polishing Tube. Specially Designed Infeed Cap.
 New Insight 100 Inspection System

Automatically inspects any two-piece hard shell capsule, oblong softgel or caplet shaped tablet
• Inspects up to 100,000 #0 capsules per hour (28 per second)

• Patented drum feeder
• High speed monochrome camera
• Very fast "decision trigger"
• Self cleaning sensors

  CPT Thick-Sort™ 10

thick sort                   
Compact Design, Acrylic/Stainless Enclosures with Safety Interlocks, 3 Discharge Chutes (Too Small, Acceptable & Too Large), Adjustable Sizing System
  CPT Sortfast

Hard anodized aluminum construction. Stainless steel contact parts. Disassembles into three sections for easy cleaning
  CPT SG500 Softgel Polisher

softgel polisher                  
Continuous flow. All stainless steel contruction. Hinged top and left sides for easy access & cleaning
  THS/PH21N-FFV Metal Detector

tablet deduster            
THS/PH21N-FFV Metal detector for granular and powder products
  CPT Mini Cyclone Dust Collector

dust collector
Cyclone dust collector is used to remove and collect excess dust.
  CPT Pharmaspec

Throughput up to 200,000 units per hour. All FDA approved contact parts, variable vibrator speed, variable roller speed, variable "flipping", "ribbed" lexan removable rollers for ease of cleaning
  CPT TD400 Tablet Deduster

tablet deduster               
Rated at up to 400,000 tablets per hour. "Easy-Adjust" cleaning chamber angle. "Quiet" operation during cleaning
  CPT TD400 II Tablet Deduster

tablet deduster               
Rated at up to 400,000 tablets per hour. Dual vacuum port dust collection. Cooling system for heavy dusty products.
  THS/PH21E Metal Detector

metal detector                 
THS/PH21E Metal Detector. Precise ejection of contaminated products. Fail safe operations.
  Vertical Tablet Deduster

tablet deduster
Rated at up to 450,000 8mm tablets per hour. Maximum 25mm diameter tablets. 35kg weight. Comes in both 7 and 10 flight series
Does the capsule deduster equipment used in your production facility need to be replaced with a more current model? Are you looking to cut down on
the time your operation currently requires for the tablet sorting process? CapPlus Technologies offers more than just the equipment needed for the
production of various capsules. Whether you're an R&D organization concerned with softgel inspection or you represent a pharmaceutical production
facility that is interested in purchasing a top-of-the-line capsule polisher, you're certain to be satisfied with the quality of our equipment and the
increased productivity that our machines offer. If you are looking to purchase a tablet inspection machine or other piece of cleaning equipment from
us at a discounted price, please take a look at the used equipment section of our website where you can find quality capsule sorting machines and a
wide range of other units at discounted prices.

CapPlus Technologies has worked long and hard to meet the needs of a variety of industries. Do you have any questions about our tablet deduster
machines or any of our other equipment? Please feel free to contact us with any concerns you may have. It is the goal of our staff members to provide
you with a painless capsule inspection and production equipment purchase.

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