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  CPT CF150 Capsule Filler

capsule filler       
Automatic Capsule Filling Machine rated at 150,000 capsules per hour with complete tooling set of your choice.
  CPT CF100 Capsule Filler

capsule filler          
Automatic capsule filler rated at 105,000 capsules per hour. One complete set of size parts for # 0 capsules (or your choice of size)
  CPT CF72 Capsule Filler

capsule filler                
CF72 automatic capsule filler, all #304 stainless steel contact parts
Rated at 72,000 capsules per hour.
  CPT CF25 Capsule Filler

capsule filler                CF25
Automatic capsule filler rated at 25,000 capsules per hour. PLC Control system with 10" color touch screen control panel mounted on swing out arm.
  CPT Model 10 Capsule Filler

Capsule filler rated at 18,000 to 25,000 capsules per hour for capsules sizes #000 through #4
  CPT CF50 Capsule Filler

capsule filler           
Automatic capsule filler rated at 50,000 capsules per hour. PLC Control system with 10" color touch screen control panel mounted on swing out arm.
  CPT CF22 Capsule Filler

capsule filler          
Capsule filler rated at 22,000 capsules per hour
14 liter supply hopper
  Incap Table Top Capsule Filler

In-Cap Tabletop automatic capsule filler. Rated at 3,000 capsules per hour.

Welcome to the Capsule Fillers equipment section of CapPlus Technologies! This section features capsule fillers and capsule filling machinery for
two-piece capsules, tablets and softgels. You'll find our line of capsule filling equipment to be top quality machinery and fully automatic. CPT's
selection of capsule fillers includes the CPT CF150, the CPT CF100, the CPT CF45, the CPT CF22, the CPT Type 8, the CPT Model 10 capsule filler,
and the Incap Table Top model. These capsule filler machine models can be controlled for speed and torque, capsule orientation, powder feeding,
powder level sensing, tamping, and capsule separation to name a few. Our capsule fillers and capsule filling machine are quality tested.
Capsule fillers and capsule machines are what CapPlus Technologies is all about. Quality control is also a built-in feature for many of these
models as can be seen by the obligatory capsule reject station. Pneumatic capsule feed can be selected for and a capsule polisher function
is available on certain models. Besides capsule filling, CPT also has tablet presses for aspirin, ibuprofen, allergy pills and many other types of
pills that come in tablet form (including a rotary tablet press). CPT's tablet presses are all-in-one units equipped with compression machine
capability that ranges from two tons to 60 tons.

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