Techceutical Inline Screw Capper  
  • New Inline MK VI Standard Capping Machine, fully automatic
  • Machine mounted cap elevator with removable flights for floor loading of caps and reject orientation in upper chute
  • Quick, simple changeovers
  • No change parts for most standard caps and bottles
  • No tool changeover for most sizes
  • Easy to set-up and operate at speeds from 10-120 bpm*
  • Designed for use with glass, plastic or metal containers, the capper can handle vials, low jars and container diameters up to 12” with a Cap range of 13-70mm
  • The bottle flow is “left to right.” Set up for one style of cap**
  • Cap tightening mechanism easily adjusted
  • Fully adjustable torque wheels and gripper belts
  • Unit comes standard with 4 mechanical torque clutches for screw capping
  • “No Cap” sensor shuts machine down until caps are present
  • Install over existing conveyor or optional conveyor available
  • Stainless steel enclosure with polycarbonate panels
  • 230v / 15 amp / 1 phase
  • Mounted on casters for portability
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