CPT Stealth™ II, SSD, 30 Station Tablet Press  
  • New Stealth™ II D Tooled Fully Automatic 30 station tablet press
  • Rated at up to 135,000 tablets per hour
  • 3 tons maximum pre-compression
  • 10 tons maximum main compression
  • 25 mm maximum tablet diameter or length
  • 18 mm maximum filling depth
  • Automatic mechanical feeding system with variable speed
  • Product hopper with butterfly valve and level sensor
  • Lower stainless steel enclosures
  • Upper plexiglas enclosures with safety interlocks
  • Dust collection port
  • PLC touch screen control system mounted on “swing out arm”
  • Safety alarm system
  • Auto lubrication system
  • Punch tightness detection system
  • 10hp main drive motor
  • Gas buffer units for main and pre-compression stations
    Hand dial adjustments for:
    Punch penetration depth
    Filling depth
    Tablet thickness
  • Tool box
Single or double sided rotary design From 9,000 to 189,000 per hour
Pre and Main Compression, adjustable up to 10 tons each Capable of handling a wide range of materials
25mm maximum tablet diameter and 22mm maximum filling depth Ability to produce a wide range of tablet sizes
Product hopper with level sensor Alerts operator to low level conditions
Variable speed automatic mechanical feeding Stabilizes tablet weight at any speed
Extra large hopper outlet Improved product flow into feeder
Butterfly valve added to base of hopper Ease of product clean-up and salvage
Lower stainless steel and upper plexiglass enclosures Easy cleaning, less build-up, longer machine life, operator safety
10” PLC touch screen control system on "swing out arm" Easy operator access, password level controls
Lower Main and Pre-compression rollers adjust equally at the same time Easy to control tablet thickness
Quick change mechanical feeding system No tools or adjustments necessary
Sealed upper turret guards Easy to remove and prevents dust from entering the upper punch area
Safety alarm system Protects operator, machine & product from harm
Auto lubrication system Reduces premature press wear
Punch tightness detection system Prevents damage to punches & cams
10hp main drive motor Capable of heavy loads at low or high speeds
Gas buffer units for main and pre-compression station Protects tooling from damage
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