CPT PharmaSpec™ Roller Inspection Machine  



Features Benefits
Rated at up to 200,000 peices per hour High speed, efficient inspection system
Independent variable vibrator, flipping and roller
Inspection effectiveness can be increased by setting the speed to match both the particular product and the skill of the operator
No tools required for cleaning and change over Simplifies and speeds cleaning and change over
All FDA approved contact parts Easily meets regulatory requirements
Removable ribbed Lexan® rollers Simplifies cleaning, increase effectiveness in rotating product, improves illumination of product, reduces eye strain
Compact design and mounted on non-marking casters Little space required and easily moved
Stainless steel frame and panels with smooth welds Simplifies cleaning
Adjustable traction belt Extends belt life
Perforated vibratory plate for duct extraction Improves product and workspace cleanliness
Optional overhead lighting Illuminates entire work surface to increase
effectiveness of inspection
Optional fully enclosed, under roller LED lighting Improves illumination of product, particularly for clear products, simplifies cleaning
Optional mirror Allows single operator for inspection process
Optional vacuum pencil with collection bin that allows the operator to effectively pick up and remove defective product Increases speed of inspection process

CapPlus Technologies carries the largest selection of roller inspection machines and roller inspection cleaners. Our PharmaSpec™ roller inspection machine is the best in the industry.

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