CPT Millenniumô II, DSD, 41 Station Tablet Press  
  • Fully automatic rotary tablet press
  • Capable of producing up to 295,000 tablets per hour
  • 41 station, D tooled press
  • 10 ton pre-compression
  • 10 ton main compression
  • Operator terminal with 10" touch screen
  • CE, GMP and FDA compliant
  • Stepper motor controls
  • Punch tightness detection
  • Strict separation of drive & compression areas
  • Triple fin mechanical feeder
  • Auto spray lubrication system
  • Automatic weight control system
  • Pre-compression & ejection force load cells
Features Benefits
Double sided press Capable of producing up to 295,000 TPH
Up to 10 tons of 'pre-compression' Enhances machine speed and tablet quality
Up to 10 tons of 'main compression' Makes press suitable for a wide variety of products
Pre-compression controlled automatically by load cell Keeps pre-compression within pre-set range
Main compression controlled automatically by load cell Keeps main compression within pre-set range
D tooled press Handles up to 25mm tablet diameter and 18mm fill depth
Dual variable speed mechanical feeders Easily delivers precise quantities of powder to dies
Dual 40 liter 316 SS product hoppers Longer runs between re-filling
Butterfly valve in product hoppers Allows infinite control of powder delivery
316 SS product contact parts Assures regulatory compliance
Acrylic swing-up doors with cylinder supports Provides maximum access to turntable and operator safety & interlocks
Turret: Cast Iron FCD50, hard chrome coated & Ground Lengthens service life by reducing premature ware
Change rail with quick removal clamp Change tooling quickly without tools
Motorized adjustment of lower rollers Easy to adjust thickness of tablet
Eccentric shaft adjustment of upper rollers Easy to adjust thickness of tablet
Load cell for buffer spring tension More accurate tension adjustment saves tooling
Load cell for compression force control Easy and accurate compression adjustment
Upper punch oil cups with dust seals Prolongs punch life, eliminates oil contamination of product
Lower punch oil seals Prolongs punch life, eliminates oil contamination of product
Dust collection hood over turret Prevents dust contamination of critical components
Triple V-Belt Drive Insures positive drive
Power locks on main drive shaft connectors Prevents “slippage”
Punches lubricated by auto trocoid pump with air jet injection Insures smooth operation of upper and lower punches
Adjustable, intermittent, oil volume control Eliminates product contamination from punch lubricant
Punch lubricant recycling system Keeps machine clean and conserves lubricant
Mitsubishi Variable Frequency Drive High quality drive system
Remote jogging control unit with cable Allows one technician to operate machine
10" touch screen mounted on swing-out arm Can be repositioned for operator convenience
Three level password control system Enables reliable control over machine settings
Real time safety alarm package with message Allows operator to correct errors quickly and efficiently
Troubleshooting Aids in troubleshooting
Pressure trend displays Automatically monitors preset limits
Tablet deduster and dust collector controls Gives operator the ability to control all components from one screen
Hopper sensor controls Gives warning and stops machine if hoppers empty
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