Kirby Lester KL200 Counter  
  • Kirby Lester automatic tablet & capsule counting system complete with KL502 vibratory feed hopper, chute and product sensor for automatic product feed into 9.25" vibratory counting bowl. designed for pharmaceutical and supplement manufacturing facilities, clinical trials, check counting and other specialty applications
  • Rated at up to 1920 parts per min.
  • Counter Size: 21.4"H x 18"D x 15"W - 55lbs
  • Feeder Size: 36.5"H x 19"D x 28.8"W - 47lbs
  • High-speed, high-capacity counting system for batch verification, packing tablets, or batch-counting identical-shaped parts
  • No adjustments to count different products
  • Can be preset to count up to 1,000 containers in one run
  • Simple operation and cleaning
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