King TC8 Electronic Channel Counter  
  • Used King TC8 Electronic Vibratory Channel Counting system with variable speed dual lane conveyor. Capable of up to 4,000 pieces per minute depending upon product and count. Save up to 100 different batch settings for count quantity, vibrator settings, bottle index time, sensor to slider time, sensor to bottle time, gate operation time and paralysis time. Single drop for filling one container at a time makes bottle set up easy. Capable of counting capsules, tablets, softgels, candies, etc. Complete with 10' variable speed conveyor. Auto bottle height adjusting system, pneumatic hopper gate assemblies, bottle presence and backup sensors. AT-LC/8 2320/20 lift station base.
    • Estimated Shipping Weight 1200 LBS
    • Length 12 FT
    • Width 48 IN
    • Height 72 IN
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