Incap Capsule Filler  
  • Automatic tabletop capsule filler
  • Rated at 3,000 capsules per hour
  • Control panel mounted on front of the machine
  • Capsule supply hopper
  • Capsule orientation station
  • Capsule separation station with 2 hp vacuum pump
  • Powder filling station with agitator and auger
  • Capsule closing station
  • Capsule ejection station
  • 1 Liter SS powder hopper
  • Variable speed via indexing drive
  • Options include: pellet filling, tablet/caplet feed, liquid filling station, mini-tab filler and minimum fill bowl.

This is a tabletop capsule filler and one of the best capsule fillers on the market. Feel free to call us for quotes on our capsule fillers and tablet presses today! We carry manual capsule fillers, semi-automatic capsule fillers and fully automatic capsule fillers.

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The capsule fillers at capplus technologies are some of the best in the industry, our new capsule fillers come with a warranty and full training. Others capsule fillers come from china and produce poor product, their capsule fillers are also likely to break down and will have no support from the manufacturer. We offer a wide range of capsule fillers and capsule filling machinery. Call us today for a quote on your next capsule filler.