Kapsall Capper Inline Screw  
Kapsall Capper
  • Used Kaps-All Capper FA-4, all stainless steel design, with variable speed hopper vibration, cap feeder, spindle speed and bottle gripper speeds. Four (4) spindle sets. Hand crank bottle height adjustment and titling hopper for ground level feeding. Plexiglas front guard. Mounted on casters for portability. Pneumatic sorting bowl. Lower frame is painted mild steel. Mounted on casters for portability.

    Can handle cap diameter from 20mm to 75mm standard flat caps and vials to 2-1/2 gallon containers. One pair of stainless steel bottle gripper belt housings complete with belts and drives - shafts are long enough to add second set. Heavy duty patented multiple disc adjustable torque clutches which will give a consistent torque and minimize wear on cap tightening discs (three pairs). All electronically controlled variable speed drives for ease of adjustments.

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