Deitz TB4 Tablet Counter  
  • TC4 Tablet counter. Designed to quickly and accurately count tablets, capsules and all human oral dose applications
  • Tablet counter that counts up to 3000 tablets or 1500 capsule per minute
  • SS construction tablet counter
  • 16" diameter rim and turntable
  • No change parts required
  • Custom photoelectric sensing unit counts tablets, capsules, caplets and gelcaps
  • Tablet counter has continuous filling operation alternates between 2 filling stations
  • Product change cleanup requires no tools

CapPlus Technologies has a wide assortment of tablet counters and tablet counting machinery. Our counters and also count capsules, pills, softgels as well as tablets or anything relatively the size of tablets. Call CapPlus technologies the next time you need a tablet counter.


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Capplus technologies offers the best in tablet counting systems. Deitz is one of the best and the leader in tablet counters and tablet counting systems. They have a reputation for good workmarship and replacement parts for their systems are easy to come by. CapPlus sells tablet counters from them at a reduced rate and bring the savings to our customers. You will be very satisfied with a tablet counter from capplus technologies.