CPT CF50 Capsule Filler, Encapsulation Machine  
  • Rated at 50,000 capsules per hour
  • All FDA approved contact parts
  • PLC Control system with 10" color touch screen control panel mounted on swing out arm
  • AC variable speed frequency control
  • Four swing-up acrylic doors
  • Two capsule magazines with 9 feeding tracks
  • Two capsule raceways, side pushers and down pushers
  • #316 Powder hopper, powder chamber, dosing disk
  • Twelve upper and lower capsule segments (6 holes each)
  • Capsule separating station
  • Segment cleaning station (pneumatic operation)
  • Inching step drive button

Capplus Technologies has the best capsule fillers and encapsulation machines on the market. We pride ourselves on the quality encapsulation machine we carry. If you are looking for an encapsulation machine then feel free to call us at: 623-582-2800 our specialists can help you with and encapsulation machine today!

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