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R3 Softgel Machine
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The R-3 is designed to run at maximum die roll rotation speed of 10RPM. In a production setting it is capable of producing up to 178,600 (10 oval) pieces per hour at 8RPM. Companies interested in making better softgel capsules and more of them, should concern themselves with subtle differences in the competitive machines on the market. It is the subtle differences that will provide manufacturing advantages of speed and quality. If making more softgels was as simple as making the die rolls turn faster, all of the competitive machines would run faster than 2-4 RPM, and they do not. Making more, better softgels is not as simple as just making the die rolls turn faster. 

To make a softgel machine run faster without giving up quality, several things have to change. The fill pump has to be more efficient. Our R-3 machine has pump pistons which are larger in diameter. In addition there are 20 of them which means that as the die rolls turn faster, they can effortlessly provide the fill volume for the increased softgel output. 

The R-3 Spreader Boxes incorporate a patented "swing-out" design that makes servicing and set up faster and easier because you do not have to shut down the gel transfer tank while you work on them. Our chilling drums are made to a finer tolerance than the competitive machines. They hold a "Run-Out Tolerance for "Flatness" and "Circumference" of 0.01mm. This translates to improved gelatin ribbon quality. 

We build on this strength by offering a laser controlled ribbon thickness option called A.R.C.™ which automatically monitors ribbon thickness in real time, while the machine is running, and automatically makes the necessary spreader box adjustments to maintain a pre-set ribbon thickness. This saves set up time, money and allows you to make higher quality product. A.R.C™ removes the "human error" associated with machine operator involvement in ribbon thickness monitoring and adjustment. A.R.C.™ is an exclusive option only available from CapPlus on the R-Series Softgel Machines.

The R-3 uses an enclosed lubrication system which keeps machine lubricants from coming in contact with the product components. The ribbon lubrication system has independent controls in the front of the machine, and the mineral oil lubricant used to keep the gelatin ribbon from sticking to machine parts is recycled automatically to prevent waste. 

The R-3 comes with 8 Extra Large, High Air Velocity Tumble Dryers, which, by removing moisture from the softgels more efficiently, allow the machine to run faster. The R-3 and the Tumble Dryers are controlled by a single large color touch screen. The machine comes with a hand held remote which allows one person to time the machine each time the tooling is installed.

From a distance all softgel machines look similar…it is the little things on the R-3 System from CapPlus Technologies that make all of the difference.


Maximum Operating Speeds up to 10 RPM

Machine Dimension: W 2100 x D 1090 x H2080 (mm)

Estimated Weight: Net 2250 Kgs

Total Power Requirement: Max. 26.5Kw with Tumble Dryers

SS41 Mild Steel Frame Work

#304 Stainless Steel Exterior