The ARC™ is an automatic gelatin ribbon thickness control system that maintains gel thickness to within 0.001" of the set point. It monitors the gel thickness up to 1,000 times per second which allows your machine to run faster without compromising capsule integrity, increasing product output and quality. The ARC™ system provides a cost effective way to ensure gel ribbon thickness without operator intervention. It automatically adjusts gel ribbon thickness, on the fly, within one second of a set point deviation. This makes the operator more efficient and able to focus on other production needs. The ARC™ is designed to maintain gel thickness regardless of machine speed, gel viscosity variations or machine and room temperatures. This ensures optimum accuracy at maximum output. Ribbon thickness can be set before the spreader boxes are filled which dramatically reduces startup time. Since the ARC™ begins measuring and adjusting immediately upon gel feeding it can reduce start-up waste by up to 84%. The R-3 uses an enclosed lubrication system which keeps machine lubricants from coming in contact with the product components. The ribbon lubrication system has independent controls in the front of the machine, and the mineral oil lubricant used to keep the gelatin ribbon from sticking to machine parts is recycled automatically to prevent waste. The ARC™ spreader box is constructed of heavy duty anodized aluminum which is 66% less weight than standard bronze boxes. The aluminum construction also provides a 35% faster heating and cooling response time when temperatures require changing. All contact surfaces are 316 stainless steel or FDA approved.


  • Power Requirements 120V AC 1 PH, 5A max
  • Air Requirements 60 PSI, 20 CFM max
  • Gate Drive Resolution .0001mm/step
  • Gate Speed 0.625mm/sec
  • Sensing Distance 40 mm +/- 2.5mm
  • Control system Direct Logic 205 PLC
  • Color Touch Screen 6”, 32K, 320 x 240 resolution
  • Measurements 14”W x 16”D Stainless Steel
  • Control Panel PLC Controls Enclosure Stainless Steel
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